“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas Edison.

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Among foreign tourists, reputation about Japan may be stereotyped; e.g., beautiful sceneries with dignified temples and shrines in Kyoto, affluent fancy and practical goods in shops, and delicious food in everywhere. We know places and seasonal events more and better, those foreign travelers cannot find easily.

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Do not worry, even if you do not speak Japanese. We are ready to arrange your stay in Japan with best care. For instance, would like to visit small subtropical islands? Skiing in the Japanese Alps? Have an experience of meditation at Zen Buddhist monastery?  Please feel free to share your plan with us.  You can definitely experience Cool Japan. 

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We are a vigorous company which fully utilizes IT & smart technology. 

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If you are looking for business contacts or basic information for the Czech Republic or other EU countries, please feel free to contact us.

Marketing, advertising & sales supports

We design and set up websites and create promotional videos or advertising ideas to support your sales.
We conduct marketing research and a reputation survey if requested.

Exciting Travel in Japan

We provide you with a variety of information on unique events or entertainment programs. You can select whatever you like from those and then we can organize your entire travel plan especially for you. Travelling in Japan does not cost you much as far as you can have well designed itinerary. You have many advantages to save money such as on accommodation, rent a car and a mobile phone, and JR pass. 

Relocation support services 

We support expats and their family in the Czech Republic (and other EU countries) to set up life abroad. We provide you with personalized advice to meet your needs for housing arrangement.
We have a reliable support system to maintain valid residence permits. 

Translation and interpretation arrangements

Translation and interpretation services are essential when you start businesses abroad.
We offer you as-needed services with reasonable prices.  Our services vary from sending experts in various fields to providing an interpreter to visit authorities.           

Looking for Other Services?

We would like to help you by finding your first contact with other business partners. We will introduce you to appropriate experts on an individual requirement basis. Let us know your needs.

  • Foreign Exchange Support
  • Tour Arrangement
  • Event Arrangement
  • Education Support

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